The one thing about Scott that I like, is that he never leaves me out of his routine. Being in the Army is time consuming but when he is with me everything he does revolves around our relationship. A simple walk into the living room and Scott would be on the floor doing one handed push ups. When I see him, there is a smile that surfaces upon my face as I watch his body go up and down. Tall and muscular, Scott would be any womans dream but I captured him first. Stopping mid push up, he would motion with his free hand for me to come closer. His orders for me, were to lay down under him as he did his impressive one handed push ups. My big body would never attempt to do a push up but watching him inspired me always. Laying still, Scott would take his free hand and raise my shirt just a little to see my big round nipples. As he went down, his tongue circled my nipple making me weak all inside. Smiling at me, he would look up a little and kiss my lips tenderly while still focused on his one hand push up. I am not sure what I would do without him but he makes everyday special and push ups will never be the same without him.

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