Confession: 116

When I walked into work today, I began to have doubts about him. Then as I turned the corner he stood there smiling. “So what about that walk today?” talking to me as he flashed a grin. I don’t know what exactly I like about him but something draws me to him and there is no hiding it. Sometimes I conceal my desire by smiling back and brushing off his harmless compliments. However, there is always that moment where we  capture each other’s gaze but we never acknowledge the stare. Instead we continue our silly conversation and try to stretch time so we can get another glance. My eyes always seem to divert to his massive bulge but it escapes me as his attention goes elsewhere in the moment. Sitting at my desk, I start thinking about putting his cock in my mouth and riding him wildly. Then that moment comes where he leaves my desk and I am forever left stirring in wet juices between my thighs. Some days I sit and day dream about how his tongue would feel licking my clit or his hands gripping my ass. Then I smile again, because he is back at my desk as if he could hear my thoughts.

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