Family · [mf]

Army Shirt

Todd sits on the couch shirtless waiting for Angie to come out the bathroom. He listens closely as her mumbles become audible.

“Todd your army shirt is too small to cover me and my fat,” Angie says with little confidence.

Todd, with an eyebrow raised says, “I know it’s too small that’s the point, so come out already.

Waiting anxiously Todd smiles at Angie as she exits the bathroom in his green army shirt that rests right below her belly.

“Now just sit on my lap and get comfy, I been waiting on this all day.” Staring at her, he puts his hand up to motion her to move towards him.

“Are you sure, you want me to just sit on you like that?” Angie says tapping her foot.

“Yes, sit on my lap baby. Todd takes her by the hands and guides her on top of his lap, they embrace as Angie’s huge breasts smother his face.

“Not so bad right?” Todd pulled out his long hard cock and slid it into Angie’s fat wet pussy.

“Oh, its so much to take but I want it so badly!” attempting to adjust her big body on his cock she began to grind on him.

“Fuck yes baby, grind on this cock take this shit!” playing with her nipples through the army shirt he moans as her pussy lips hug his cock with an up and down stroke.

Pulling up the shirt, he squeezes both breasts and sucks each nipple as Angie bites her lip with desire while riding him on the couch.

“I love you Angie.” he said.

“I love you too and your fat cock.” she said.

“When I cum inside you don’t hop off stay awhile.” he said.

“For?” she said.

“I want this moment to last for as long as it can.” he said.

“Really, why do you want it to last?” she said.

“Because after I cum I am going to lay you down on the couch and lick inside that sweet fat pussy while my cum is still resting on your wet lips.” he said.

“I am going to keep this army shirt.” said Angie as she smiled at him and kissed into his lips while hugging his cock.



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