Confession: 114

In my earliest moment, I dream with woke eyes of my pussy hugging your vanilla cock. Its not a meeting of the minds just yet;however, when you see me, your bulge swells which tells me that the secret is out. No more hiding, as you show me what I mean to you as we talk about work. The stance between us, is intense as you move closer to show me something on my computer screen. I nod as you move back, which gives me a better view of your cock. Sweetie, the wetness between my thighs is the cure to your swelling cock and although we both know this to be true, your eyes escape my lust once again. Can I be more forward? I wish I could but that grinning smile you have perks my nipples, then I shy away from the moment. Waking up each morning wanting you inside me is not good enough anymore and shyness is something I can no longer present. I am going to ask you tomorrow, for a hug that is everlasting that will cure both of our pain.


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