Confession: 113

Would you believe, I had been standing there for a moment when his eyes met mine. I tried to escape his gaze but his presence lured me in. A smile graced both our faces as two steps closer became one. My hand in his, I spun around like a ballerina, then our bodies touched ever so slightly and that smile returned to our faces. Eyes closed while lips pressed into each other, the room became hot. Although I love the taste of his lips I had been yearning all day to suck his cock. Gently, I massaged his bulge and Christin whispered in my ear, “No Gabrielle.”  Our lips no longer pressed, my back to the wall Christin began to grind his bulge into me. Deeper, I moaned as he sucked my chocolate nipples with his lips. Cherry red nails, went through his gray hair as he pleasured me all over. As he trailed back up to my lips, I tugged on his bottom then he nibbled slowly on mine. Softening his bite he sucked my lips deep into his then looked at me saying,” Gabrielle, you are like a poison I could drink every day , call me daddy again.” I looked at him smiling then said, “Daddy let me suck your cock.”

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