Confession: 112

Standing at my desk he lured me into a fragrant trance as his stature towered over my body. A dark Italian suit covered his muscular frame which made his boyish dark waves the highlight of his entrance to my office. His lips wet with desire he looked at me then said,”That dress has captured my attention all day and you know red is my favorite color.” I gushed a little then turned to face him directly as he loosened a dark gray tie. An eyebrow raised upon his face and I knew what he really wanted from me. Snug in my chair a slight bite of my cherry lips prompted him to lift my fat bottom from the chair to the top of my cherry wood desk. Amused by my smile, he leaned in swiftly on his prey whispering into my ear, “Livia, you know I can’t resist these chubby thighs that catch me at every turn you make in this office.” Standing between my legs he placed a trail of wet kisses on my neck which made the walls within me wet with lust. As Tom moved in closer his bulge made an appearance I couldn’t  ignore then I said, “Someone might see us and then what?” He pulled back from the kisses and lead his finger to the opening of my dress and teased my nipple. “Livia, this is my company and I sent everyone home an hour ago. ” Smiling at me, he cupped my bottom with his hands and pulled at my lace panties. Wrapped in lust, footsteps came towards us which alerted him to pull out my breast then suck my perky nipple. Tom’s desire fueled my impatience and I wanted him fuck me right there. Seconds before entering my office, a voice looking for him said, “are you here?” He looked at me then said, “Damn, I forgot one person but please go down stairs within ten minutes there will be a car waiting for you to take you to my home.” As more like a husband than lover he leaned into me and kissed me gently on my lips then left.

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