Dating and Relationships

Forgive Me 

“Who do you want if you don’t want me ? ” Tommy looks at Vicky then moves his hands slowly up her large thighs. She looks at him then repeats her question. Pausing for a moment he leans in close as he kneels between her thighs and gently kisses her lips. Pulling back from her soft lips Tommy says, ” I only want you and yes I tasted Cynthia’s pussy but I love you.” Vicky looks at him with some anger as he pushes apart her thighs then massages her clit with his finger tips. Aroused and wanting to climax she looks into his eyes and tells him to stop. Again he pauses then says, ” You are right this is wrong , baby I want you to sit in my face.” She looks and smiles some while watching him take off her size 46 skirt. His arms cup her bottom and he positions her pussy right onto his lips. Smothered in love, he begins to lick deep inside, making Vicky rock a little. Although words were absent, Tommy pleased her pussy till she came inside his mouth then said, “I want you only , please forgive me?”  

“I already did forgive you and when your brother ate my pussy earlier today I knew I was really over you.” 

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