Confession: 111

Is it objectifying if I look at him from head to toe wondering whats beneath his clothes? Standing by my desk, he gently taps on my shoulder and waits proudly for me to respond. “What are you doing now?” he asks as I begin to focus on his cock. Eventually, my eyes make there way back to his face but he knows I like to look so he moves in closer. “Oh you are working on notices?” he asks which makes me nod my head then look down at his cock. Part of me wishes he would unzip then pour all of his manhood into my mouth, however I am not that thirsty yet. Holding each others gaze we both seem to want something yet nothing happens. Quickly he flashes his brilliant smile, then causally walks away from my desk.

Later that evening, I head out the door and ride the elevator to the ground floor. When the doors open he appears with his hand rubbing on his cock.  Then he moves me back into the elevator and says, “The ride is not over Livia.”


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