Confession: 108

Peter, the guy who just sleeps with anyone is giving me attention in the office. “Meg here is your mail, ” as he calmly walks away like this behavior is normal. I stare at the mail for a second then realize that he never puts mail on my desk. This new interest in me has me curious yet I know that these shorter skirts and heels have his attention. Peter is known around the office as a slut who would bang anything with two legs. Fantasies of him propping my big legs up on the copier would fill my mind as I struggled to complete daily work projects. Although he smiles at me I knew my big legs and belly presented a problem in his world.

I never back down from a challenge so I decided to bring some attention to my fantasy. Getting ready for work is usually easy, slide into a dress, put on some shoes and walk out the door. I don’t know why but I felt as if I could sway Peter to at least take a taste between my thighs. I decided to suit up in a black mini with a black sheer buttoned blouse. I put on black heels with the red bottom so that when he sees me walk away he knows I mean business. I let my black hair cascade past my shoulders and put on my small diamond earrings. My eyes were lined in jet black and I set my lips ablaze with cherry red lipstick. A hint of vanilla to kiss my wrists put me in a pussy pulsating kind of mood. Although unsure if he would surrender to me, just the thought left a smile on my face thinking about the chance.

Arriving at work I left a trail of broken hearts as they stared at my curves. Hips moving side to side, there was a slip of my cheek escaping it surrounding. I smiled at them all then headed to Peters office. Upon opening his office door I seen him look up from his paper letting out a small gasp. “Here is your mail Peter, enjoy your day,” I turned and I felt his eyes on my body as I exited the door. Back at my desk, Peter entered my door,”Meg why did you bring me mail?” looking at me intensely as he examined my whole body. I got up from my desk and sat in front of him parting my legs a little. His lips quivered as I stared at his bulging cock. “Here or the copier Peter , its your choice?” He walked closer to me then started to unbutton my shirt. My breasts fell into his hands as he rubbed each nipple. Then he leaned into me softly and said, “I want you everywhere but first lets go to the copier.”

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