Coming Home

I planned on being at home for the night; however, last night I found myself standing in front of his house.

Devin, is the poison to my lips that I suck on when I get a craving from my other lips. Stoked out in all black, letting a long black cape touch the bulge at my ankle I began to regret my decision. Devin likes anything short and tight which is why I wore my  shortest skirt with a lace crop top. My waist length hair sways as my stance changes with my mood. My cherry red nails glisten in the moonlight as I call his phone to let him know to come to the door.

“Baby, are you outside?” feeling his excitement I step closer to the door waiting for him. As soon as the door opens he  rushes kissing my nipple through my shirt. By both hands he pulls me closer into his hug, grinding his cock against me. Releasing me, he focuses on my lips and sucks his into mine.

“Samantha I want you to live with me, how many times should I ask?” he said.

“You know that being here is only a fantasy for me nothing more.” Removing my self from his kiss.

Standing with a smirk on his face he unbuttoned his shirt looking into my eyes.

“Sam, I am not your fantasy I am your husband.” he said as he lays another kiss into my lips.

His arms wrapped around my belly then he went down laying a trail of kisses till he reached the top of my panties.

“Crotchless lace?” he said, pulling at them while pressing another kiss just above my pulsating wet pussy.

He suddenly came back up to tower over me and removed my long cape. Loving hands touched my breasts and he kissed each nipple through my shirt. Lifting it slightly he looked at my eyes, and kissed my perky nipple swirling his tongue around as if I had the best candy.

“Devin, I um.., ” my words became impossible as he took his hand reaching it into my panties massaging my wet clit.

“Yes, Samantha please cum home just for me, I love you please cum home.” he said

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