Confession: 107

Do you ever have this craving for something but not sure exactly what? Tossing my body left to right in my bed, I couldn’t sleep. No matter what, I keep thinking about how this mature cock would taste in my mouth. My pussy began to pulsate so I decided to message him which he quickly answers me, “Yes my dear, anywhere with you.” I got dressed and met him in the parking lot where he was standing next to a big van. He looks at me with eagerness and licks his lips while taking off his jacket then throwing it inside the van. I moved closer to him and watched his gray hair glisten in the moonlight. Not waiting another second he lifted my shirt and felt my big chocolate breasts, rubbing them in circles. My nipples awakened him as he tasted each one while rubbing his cock through his pants. Moans escaped his lips while he sucked my hard nipples. His cock beckoned me and I unzipped his pants then stroked him.  His moans become louder then he whispered,”Yes baby please.” I squatted down a little and began sucking his massive cock. Although he was much older than I his cock felt young in my mouth. I wet his cock in and out my lips as I played with my pussy. Soon he began to fuck my mouth and I waited for his sensual climax. When he unloaded into my mouth I felt my craving disappear. I smiled looking up at him, licking my lips and swallowed all of him.

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