short stories


Every day we arrive at work at the same time and slowly take the elevator to the 25th floor barely speaking. I used to wonder what could be on his mind as we stood in silence waiting for the doors to open. On our usual walk to the elevator he said, ” You look nice today Laura.” My response didn’t slow down his pace as he entered the elevator. Standing there we kept a close eye on each other. The elevator moved quickly through each floor then suddenly came to an abrupt stop at floor twenty one.

We stood in sheer panic yet in control of our emotions. Michael pressed the emergency button and we slumped to the floor waiting. “You know this a good place to have sex,” said michael as he looked at my worried face with a smile. I wanted to dismiss his comment but something about his big arms and chest made me so wet. Then I blurted out, “you could eat my pussy now and I won’t tell your girlfriend.” He looked at me with a smirk as he removed his jacket. “I have no girlfriend but you could come here and suck my hard cock as a trade off,” he said as he grabbed his huge bulge. Thinking about his desire, I spread my big legs apart exposing my fat pussy. His lips moistened as I rubbed my clit in front of him. The bulge in his pants increased in size as he rubbed it more. “Laura I always knew you never had panties on, I wonder if my girlfriend would mind if I taste your sweet pussy?” I kept playing in my wet lips and said, “if she isn’t your girlfriend then she must be your wife, your cock is so hard I’m sure she won”t mind.” We started to move closer too meet lust however the elevator door opened before we could bust.

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