I followed him to the secret place among the dark trees with dead roses. My cherry lips trembled from the cold but he would warm them with his lips as we walked on. Stopping suddenly at a makeshift bed among the darkest things in the woods, he laid me down gently. My large thighs spread open with his touch then his fingers began to caress the most gentle part of me. No moan was allowed as he took me into his lips making me pulsate on rhythm with his body. Suddenly the thrust into my precious place moved him to go deeper like a love he could never forget. “Make me cum!” He said as my lips covered his powerful thrusts. Since no one can know our love he placed his ending into the cherry lips that trembled so badly before. Laying in his care, his lips took more of me in before time got away. Looking into his eyes I knew he loved me but she was the one who received the promise first which made a small tear come from his eye as he pleasured my wet lips more. Suddenly her voice shouted from over the trees of dead roses and once again he left my lips trembling. 

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