Confession: 105

Image result for dripping cock windowThey always say a big woman should cover up and not be seen. I know this has been said because people have told me. However if I covered up, then James across the street wouldn’t be able to see me. Each day I walk to the mailbox at the edge of the street teasing him with something different. Yesterday I wore shorts that creeped up my big thigh while showing some of my cheeks. I knew he liked what he seen because he stood in the window stroking his large cock. James lives with his Asian parents and so when they are away from the house thats when I go to the mailbox to tease him. Today, I did something so bad,  I went outside in a white spaghetti loose tank with no bra. My nipples poked through like hard cherries. I looked up from grabbing the mail and I seen James in the window stroking his cock. We locked eyes for a moment and I pulled up my skirt then rubbed my pussy with just two fingers. I seen his eyes widen which made him stroke faster while watching me pleasure myself. Usually nobody is home around this time but I heard Mr. Johnson’s door open but there were no foot steps. Focusing on James I kept rubbing my wet clit while he stroked faster. Suddenly I felt a hard tip rub against my cheeks. Mr. Johnson was behind me rubbing his hard cock on my crack. His cock slid between my cheeks as his hand replaced mine rubbing into my juicy wet lips. “Clara, come inside with me my wife is not home, ” moaned Mr. Johnson as he kept rubbing my pussy. I gave James a wink and took Mr. Johnson’s hand and went in the house with him.

“Cum outside sometime James”




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