Livia's Office

The Money [MFM]

“Robert, I can’t do this please not at work, ” Samantha said as she paced back and forth in her office. “Sam do this so I can get paid, I need that money!” He exclaimed as he breathed harder into the phone. Samantha unbuttoned her blouse a little and slid off her big lace panties then left them behind her desk. She quickly exited her office feeling her wide pussy lips glide against each other as she walked faster down the hall.  Approaching the CEO office she began to regret this whole thing but it was to late to turn back. She put on more red lipstick and opened the office door.

Upon opening the door she noticed the CEO behind the desk and his lawyer sitting in a chair rubbing his throbbing cock thru his pants. “Samantha so nice to see you and your big round ass.” He started to look over her large body and began to massage her ass into his hands. Putting his hands on her shoulders he bent her over his desk and rubbed his hand inside her deeply. His lawyer took off his pants and began tapping his huge cock against her lips. Samantha couldn’t help it but she felt a desire to suck as her boss kept massaging her clit. The lawyer kept moaning as the boss spread Samantha’s tight pussy lips and pushed his thick cock in. Everyone seemed in harmony then a knock came to the door. Samantha began to stop but the lawyer pushed deeper into her mouth and motioned her to keep going. “Yeah , who is it?” The bossed yelled as he kept fucking Samantha. The door opened and it was Glen from the mailroom, thinking he would be shocked Samantha tried to hide her face. “Nice for you to join us Glen,” the boss said as Glen took off his pants. The boss slid out her wet pussy so Glen could get in. He thrusted his cock deep while holding on to her big cheeks. He had been wanting her badly for months and couldn’t contain his desire which made him explode cum all over her pussy.

As Glen slid out the lawyer dipped into the cum that covered her fat lips and returned to her mouth so she can suck off Glens cum.   The boss was so hot with desire he began to jerk fast and play with her large nipple as he tapped his cock on it. He then began to cum on her chest while rubbing his dick in circles on her swinging breasts. Samantha began to want more so three began to pleasure her in all her holes for hours.

“Samantha did you get the money?” …………..


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