Livia's Office

Touching Myself at Lunch

“Lisa can I borrow your stapler?” Jonathan said as he stared over her big body. Her thighs touched neatly as she turned around to hand him the stapler. Feeling a rush come over her body , she quickly got up and left for lunch. Lisa loved the way Jonathan looked at her belly while smiling waving to her. One time he glided across her butt accidentally as the two crossed paths to the printer. She even felt his bulging cock as they were in sync for that moment. Today she skipped lunch and just went to sit in her car to think about him more. The way he looked into her eyes made her pussy so wet and wanting. Looking around the parking lot Lisa decided to fulfill her own desire and rub her clit. She opened her legs and felt her wet throbbing pussy. Her finger tips coated in wetness sent her body to another place as she began playing faster in her fat pussy. All of sudden a knock came to her car window which made her jump suddenly. “Oh Lisa sorry to disturb but you forget your bag on the desk, however it would be my pleasure to come inside and blow on those hot lips,” he said as he became part of the fantasy by getting in the car. Jonathan put two fingers in and massaged them in and out while sucking her hard nipples. Lisa new her lunch was over but her pussy needed this so badly. Jonathan couldn’t contain his passion which made him dive into her wet pussy licking it all over while still fingering Lisa. The two were in sweet harmony when another knock came to her car window in which CEO Browneard said, ” I would love to get some of that wet pussy too.”

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