short stories

Please Me

“Cindy  you are so..,” yea I know not his type but that all changed when I met Kenny, from the first time we met it was an instant connection. Every time I would see him on line he would show me something personal and I would shy away. Then one day he didn’t show me and I felt like I was missing something that day. I don’t know what came over me but I decided to lift up my shirt a little while we were on cam. His eyes became so big and each comment sounded like drops of love. Then I wondered if he gets crazy just off something so small what if I decided to do more? I went back and forth in my mind and finally I decided to reach further into his desire. “So Kenny do you like this lace shirt I have on?” I said as I began to pull it over my head. My mounds of rolls began to fall to the side as my breasts laid to my chest big and full. This time his smile widen and he asked me was I okay with this. I shook my head yes and told him that I desire him too as much as he did me. We looked at each other for a moment as he licked his pink lips staring into the screen. “Cindy let me help you put your shirt back on, ” Kenny said as he looked at me intensely. I paused for a moment and wondered why he would want that but I put back on my shirt anyway. He paused for a moment and said,”I am going to meet you soon and even though the softness of your breasts delight me so, I want to wait.”

The day we met I wore my chunky heels and a black flowing skirt with a white lace top. I tried to hide all the fat that covered my body while trying to be calm as I stood there in silence at the cafe. Waiting, I began to reminisce of the past month of us talking on cam and how much he empowered me through his words of kindness. Standing there I felt someone come from behind me and hug my belly with a soft hello to my ear. I turned around with my eyes kind of closed, shaking with excitement. He noticed my tremble and wrapped me in his long arms then he said, “So how fast does that shirt come off?”

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