Confession: 101

Sitting at the bar, I drowned my pain in shots of tequila before settling into a long island ice tea. The music pounded through my chest as I watched my cousin grind against some guy on the dance floor. I gave her a quick smile to let her know I approved and she kept dancing. A quick look to my right and I noticed a man sitting next to me. I really didn’t bother to look at him closely but then I never look that closely. “My guy please change her drink to a strawberry daiquiri,” he said as he turned to me with a smile. How could a complete stranger just take over without knowing who I am. I began to wonder then he told me he is a psychiatrist and that I looked sexy. I didn’t believe him but he kept analyzing each word that came out my mouth. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume he was ready for a test the way he examined my body. “So come home with me, your night is done here,” he whispered into my ear as I sat in disbelief of what was happening. I am not sure what made me go but I did go to his house.

Upon entering his house I seen his wall of achievement and material possessions that confirmed his career. I began to get a better look at him in the light of the hallway and I noticed how much more handsome he appeared to be. I really wondered what he wanted with my big belly and chubby legs. He told me to stand there for a sec and I stood frozen waiting for the next instruction. He disappeared and came back swiftly with no shirt on just muscles peeking out all over. I was at a loss for words but he smiled at me and wrapped me up into his huge arms. I stood there motionless and then he lead me up to his room.


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