Confession: 100

sideThis tension between us is pulling at every part of me and yet I resist each time. Staring into my eyes like some lost puppy who wants to be led home, I have doubts that there could ever be an us. Sometimes the questions get a little close to home, “What are you doing this weekend?” as he stands at my desk waiting for an answer. I never give a direct answer and it seems to bother him so that he just walks away. Sometimes when he stands there my mind goes so far and I see him kissing on my chocolate nipples which is a taste I know he is not familiar with. However I snap back to my usual because I know this is just all a  scene in my mind and nothing more. Every engagement we have there is this short gaze before words are formulated. Its like a dance that never is complete, as we both take a step forward then shortly a small step back. I smile back at him sometimes because it feels good and I wonder is he ever going to ask me for a taste.





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