The Coming

It had been months since we seen each but my presence didn’t welcome a kiss. Instead he stood there staring at me like a precious work of art. A grasp of my hand led me like a kite to the couch. In our collapse, my skirt welcomed his hands as I laid on top of him. Laying into him, I felt his strength as he cuddled me like a hero.  Staring into my eyes, he smiled while moving a wavy strand of hair from my face. No longer apart, he did the first thing  on his mind, to finally unfasten my bra. Like a magician my bra came from under my shirt and fell to my side. He loved that I wore a lace crop shirt that made my nipples more pronounced. While I was partly conservative his shirt came off then became an object on the floor. We laid there staring at each other as my nipples pressed against his bare chest. Then he looked at my lips and ran his finger against them as if they had never been seen. I reacted with a smile and he aligned my face with his for a deep kiss. His lips sucked into mine then I felt my skirt rising again urgently.  Strong hands spread  my cheeks ever so gently. Rising up into my pussy I began to move up which made him say, ” I am going to cum so many times inside you today, there is nothing for you to do right now just let me cum inside.” In his protection, his hard cock rested inside me as he kept kissing me deeply. As his lips warmed against mine, he came while my pussy lips throbbed on his cock. This emotional hug took us by surprise and we laid there smiling at each other as the sunlight started to peek through the window. 

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