Confession: 98

He was fat just like me and the night ended with both of us at a hotel room. I looked over at him straddled down to the bed and gave a quick smile. His cock stood wide and thick with pulsing veins throbbing for my pussy. I crawled unto the bed and straddled his massive belly. His thick cock shot up inside me and I rotated my pussy as his eyes got bigger while he moaned. I rode up and down on his cock swallowing it into my wet pussy. I looked into his eyes as he massaged my nipples with his chubby fingers. He was so hard I didn’t want him to cum just yet so I hopped off his cock and began to suck it deep into my lips. I devoured his width as it hit the back of my throat which made him moan louder. He couldn’t contain his climax any longer and motioned for me to hop back on his hard cock. I sat on his cock once again and bounced my ass up on down while my cheeks faced him. His fingers spread my cheeks and he watched his cock slide in and out my wet lips. His moans became intense as my breasts moved against me while I rode on his cock. Soon the pressure built and I could feel his intention rising which made me move up slow so he could watch more clearly. As I rose up his flood of excitement sprayed into my pussy, then dripped down to the side. He jerked a little pushing his cock into me finishing off. I started to get up but he grabbed my checks then pushed me on to his face. My pussy swallowed his entire perspective as he licked deep inside of me. I moaned as he tickled every inch of my pussy. His tongue swirled all inside making my clit throb so badly. I felt each stroke of his tongue and I didn’t want it to stop. His hand found its way to my pussy and he fingered me as I sat on his face grinding into his lips. To my surprise he became harder than the first time and I slid off his face to be at his side. He held me tight and put his hard cock inside me then we both went to sleep.


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