Confession: 95

I have no hunger for the small things that get some off. The calculation is precise and when I am ready to fulfill this fantasy I move swiftly. To breathe life into something thats obviously dead is not my thing either. I have to smell and feel this desire all over this body in order to make my move. No need to motion for Jared his smells lures me in every single time. I know he moans for me at night and wishes I would sit on his face but we are work mates only.

My closeness to him makes him nervous and although I am sweet he reminds me that those romantic eyes are intense to his calm. I reassure that his fantasy is safe with me but he looks away. Should I look away too?  He warns me with his eyes that any further advance he is willing. I come close to him, raising my skirt and angle myself against his lap while he leans against the desk. My round ass rubs against his protruding cock as it pokes into my lips. I bump against him hard once and send him grabbing onto his desk “Wait where are you going Charla?” He knows that of course I am going back to my desk.

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