A moment

He loves to just keep sucking and sucking on my clit as I hug his head with my thighs. More and more he says as he tickles my inside. I move and moan then he flicks his tongue faster and faster. Then he says, ” I want more.”  His tongue wraps around my clit and I am instantly soaking his face in my wet walls. Then he says to me, ” Lets do it again.”

How could you…..

“Dude she is so fucking fat, how could you even do it?”

Easy, I spread both of her large cheeks and place my face deep inside licking up and down while rubbing inside her parted lips with my fingers. 

“That’s how I did it”

“Man that pussy probably so big , drowning won’t be an option ”
“Yea her pussy is big and wet, it was like dipping my cock into a big juicy orange” 
“So you gonna fuck this chick again?

“Yea, fuck , make love, and play every night because now she my girlfriend.” 


Are you horny?


How big are your nipples?

Dime size 

Take off your shirt sexy


Well damn, take off that sexy bra


Wish I could be there to lick you, suck you and fuck you

Can I show you my cock


Is it big enough for you ?


Show me your tits , play with them , pinch your nipples

Wow they are so big and chocolate and you were right about those nipples

Man you make me so fucking hard , you should come over and suck this hard cock

on my way…...