Confession: 94

“If you feel so average and unattractive then, why are you here to fuck me?”, he said as the warmth of his hand glided across my cheek. I looked at him like I always do and try to smile but it never comes across right. I have told myself so many times that there is no way he really wants me but he proves me wrong every time. The passion in public is unsettling however satisfying. He is not afraid to grab my hand and wrap it deeply unto his. Sometimes I get shy from him but he leans into me gazing into my eyes as if he is in a forever loop of love. If people are watching us, I would never know because he keeps my eyes from searching truth. The things that he has gotten me to do are wild and carefree. Sitting at the restaurant, he reaches under my skirt flicks a finger upon my lips and massages them gently. I want to moan so badly but he motions me to eat my dinner. A fork to my lips and I almost drop it but he catches it. I always question what he really wants in my mind but he never leaves my side.

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