short stories

Cum Shot

Are you online now? He knows I am but yet he likes to ask me every single time. The next question, “What are you wearing?” as I hear his lips soften with wetness to get the question out. “You know what I am wearing baby”, I would say softly.
Some months ago he brought me a black silk skirt with a high slit and lace bra. My nipples pierce the fabric as if they know it’s time to get sucked. Now he is asking, “where are you?” I am slow to turn on my cam but he knows that I am coming just for him. As I reveal myself he instantly says, “Wow amazing!” as he begins to remove his shirt. “Baby, I want to know how wet you are”, I always hesitate before I show him, which is part of our little game.
I sat on the edge of my bed and spread my legs open so he can see how wet this pussy is. He licks his lips then motions for me to rub my clit. Licking two fingers, I put them on my clit rubbing in a circular motion. As I look at him, he starts to rub his big tower. Sensual moans escape his lips as I rubbed faster. I flick my tongue at him then pinch my nipples as he looks at me with desire and obedience. I then ask him does he want this wet pussy? He nods and I tell him to stroke his cock while showing him my pulsating pussy.

“You know I want to sit on your dick and push it all inside of me”, talking softly to him as each stroke of his cock makes me wet.

He tells me that he is going to cum, but he knows I won’t let him yet. “Who told you to cum?” I said as he continues to stroke up and down watching me as I turn around clapping my ass in front of him.

I then take two hands and spread my cheeks so he can get a full view. He begs me to let him cum and I tell him no. Turning back around I grab both of my tits and circle each nipple with my fingertips as I suck each one. I can tell he is on fire now but I won’t let him cum yet. He keeps stroking and asking me, “Baby let me cum, please.” I still say no, then he looks at me and says for me to spread my legs again. I lean back on my bed and show him all the strawberries he can eat when he gets home. He moans then cums saying my name, “Jessica baby!” He shuts the camera off and writes to me, I’ll finish when I get home to see you in fifteen minutes.

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