Confession 91

I knew I was dirty but my own perception of myself has always been the good one. However good can only last so long before something takes over and makes you very, very bad. I talked to him online and played with him through words and intimate portraits until I decided to make it real. “Have you decided?”, he asked me as I began to close the conversation like always. “Yes , I have decided so come to me” I said as I ended our call. Its so easy to be scared but I was intoxicated by the thought of passion just at my door. I pressed into my vanity chair brushing my long black locks as I smiled into the mirror. I fastened my bra then put on my black heels. Its not that he is special but he likes me for certain reasons that go beyond a fetish. I tie my robe and hear a knock at the door and its him as I open. He greets me with a generous smile then looks down and meets back at my eyes. “No panties Grace?” as he went to his knees to kiss my pulsating lips. He then laid down on the floor and I sat on his face firmly swallowing each breathe. My big cheeks took over his face as strokes of his tongue massaged my precious parts. We play like this for a while and then he has to go. There is no further place to go because this is all that he wants and that is okay with me.

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