I opened my legs and his tongue pierced my soul with each lick. He grabbed the bottom of my huge cheeks and pushed his face between my chubby thighs. “You deserve all of this and more”, as he sucked on my clit. As he pushed into my pussy lips deeper his alarm when off on his phone. He then quickly closed my legs and helped me off his desk then buttoned my blouse. “Andrea what time is my meeting with Draco?” He asked as I slid back into my heels and adjusted my skirt. “It’s at 10″, I quickly replied while still fixing my hair back into a bun. Before I stepped out his office he said,”After my meeting, I want to fuck you for my lunch and later tonight for my dinner.” My nipples perked up as he got closer to me and leaned down and sucked my nipples through my blouse. I quickly closed my blazer while watching him draw back with a smile. Then I grabbed my notepad and hurried back to my desk. However I sat there thinking about lunch like I never did before.

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