NicoLegend Stories

Stories of NicoLegend :1

Staring at the clock, Nico can not wait to get off work. Rubbing a hand across her breast she realizes hard nipples are peering through her shirt. Feeling flirty she pinches her nipple and continues to work. As the clock winds down, she takes her last call of the day and proceeds to shut down her computer. Tossing her wavy black long hair, she smiles at her co workers as she exits the door. As she walked to her car, she notices her co worker Felix looking over at her. She reached for her keys that was deep in her purse and as she began to put her key in the door lock, she felt a breeze. Standing behind her was Felix, looking down at her brown eyes.

He leaned into her whispering, how he had been thinking about her all day at work. As he smiled, moving back from her ear, he told her that he loved all her curves, her big thighs, nice breasts, ass and luscious lips. Every minute at work he would think of different ways to lay her on his desk. As he spoke she became excited and nervous not knowing what he wanted. Her back against her driver window, she felt his hand move up her thigh. Looking into his eyes, his finger came up to her lips, pressed firm with a smile. She felt him so in control and she began to give into him. Without even a signal he moved his hand up her skirt, rubbing his finger tips inside her panties. Her mouth opened a little as her lips were still pressed by his finger. She wanted to scream so loud as his finger tips rubbed her pussy lips making them so wet. Her body was going through all kinds of sensations as his touch melted every part of her body. Massaging her clit she began to moan, and he looked at her as if to tell her to stop but she couldn’t stop. Without hesitation he pressed his lips to hers, sucking in her desire. Deep down she wanted to express what she was feeling but he contained her. Now that his other hand was free, he unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a red lace bra with a black bow. The temptation to rip it off was tempting but instead he rubbed her nipple through the lace to tease her a bit. His emotions were exploding all inside his body and senses so stimulated that he began to kiss her passionately all over. She sensed each kiss one by one as his eyes turned to hunger and ripped off her panties. His cock full erected, she started to look at him wanting to please him but he said no. Rubbing the tip of his cock, he grabbed her up by her thick full thighs and wrapped them around his waist. Pushing his cock inside, her pussy soaked his cock with all her wetness.So she wouldn’t moan so loud he pushed his lips inside hers making her so comfy as he fucked her so hard. Quickly they were in a rhythm and he was enjoying her fat juicy pussy that hugged every part of his hard cock. His eyes locked on hers he gradually put her legs down and turned her over. Her hands pressed against the car she felt every inch of his cock massage her wet pussy. He moaned over and over as his cock throbbed inside her. Her ass clapping on his cock, he began to stroke so deep. Reaching for her tits he basked in the glory of her huge nipples and kept playing with them as he dipped in and out her pussy. Every minute that went by he felt overwhelmed with lust and desire wanting to go harder and faster. Looking into his eyes, she heard him say, “Nico?” looking confused she said, “what?” then Felix said, ” you been standing at your car frozen a few minutes and I came over to see if you are ok.” Regaining focus Nico said she was okay and put her key in door and looked back once, smiled and then looked down at her red bra.

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