Confession 86: 2 for 1

I have never questioned my marriage or my love for Rick. We have been together for over ten years and I couldn’t imagine life without him. However like any other couple we have had our issues but I have learned to deal with it the best way I can. Our fights that would rain in our house every night became silent when I decided to be happy.  Getting up for work used to be a struggle until I started sucking dick in my office. Jeffery, who is tall with dark hair and grey accents always made sure to walk pass me then pinch my nipple. I loved it and he knew about Rick but he didn’t give a fuck. Sometimes after meetings he would get real close and whisper in my ear, “Let’s fuck”. Of course I would smile at him and motion him to go elsewhere.
As a tax analyst I have to work over late some nights which always bothered Rick. I told him I would make up for my absence however I never did. Sitting in my office I propped up my thick legs onto the corner of my desk while reading a data report. The door swung open then Jeffery entered into my office and I raised my head to acknowledge him a little. No words from his lips just quick movements as he grabbed my legs and spread them apart. I told him no, I can’t do this and he proceed to reach under my skirt and press his finger to my clit. Jeffery loved looking at my chubby thighs and bouncy breasts, “No I said!” with more authority. He moved back and unbuckled his pants and told me to suck his dick. I love sucking his fat thick cock which would slide in and out my mouth making my pussy lips wet. I took my fingers and wrapped his cock in my hand then slowly pushed into my mouth. He pushed his cock in and out my mouth as he rubbed my clit. I wanted to say no again but I couldn’t get the words to come out. As I was sucking his hard cock, his fingers began to play in my pussy and I began to moan. He came to my ear once more, “Let me fuck you!” he said with more authority than I. My pussy was pulsating upon his finger tips and I said, ” Rick what are you doing here?” Alarmed by his presence at the door, he looked at me then unbuckled his pants and said, “Suck my dick too”.

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