Confession 85

Make My Pussy Pulsate

I love when I take a dildo and rub it against my clit. It feels like I am vibrating from the inside out. I rub with the tip of the dildo just to tease myself by patting gently and rubbing in circular motions. However not everyone has this experience like me and its important to know that you too can make your pussy pulsate too.

Everybody has this urge to be freaky, nasty, passionate, and horny but for women its much deeper than just an urge. Our bodies respond to touch and words while men respond to visual first then touch. Its no wonder she is not appearing horny when you are. Some men go so crazy wondering why their woman is not as horny as them or doesn’t appear to be interested sexually. Well there is a simple answer for this which is women need to be stimulated by words or touch. Women want a deeper connection and they want to know that the person they are desiring really loves and cares for them. Now, the women who are aggressive and seem just as horny as you, are just needing attention. Those kind of women want to prove a point or feel like if they don’t show aggression they won’t get sex.

But did you know that while she is cooking you dinner her pussy is pulsating. Or when she is sitting their watching tv her pussy is pulsating so loudly. So how do you get her to reveal this need and desire that pulsating in her very wet pussy lips? I did mention words right? Well, I know digging into a woman’s brain can be dangerous but just try to hang with me for a second. Here are some questions or ways to talk to get her to reveal that her pussy is pulsating for you.

  • ask her how was her day
  • look into her eyes
  • take care of some of her responsibilities for a day
  • listen to what she has to say
  • be available
  • surprise her
  • give affectionate touches

Now I can’t think of everything but here is a website that covers quite a bit

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