short stories

Cum in my mouth

There are  some women who shutter at the thought of their man cumming on their face or in their mouth. That is because their mother taught them that sex is to have kids and not for pleasure. Most of our mothers never had an orgasm nor, did a blow job, or even let a man do anal. So these women of today refuse to do something that is so sensual. In order to make women more comfortable I have provided some videos of cum in a mouth and I will also describe below how it feels. These are the words that will start your journey to your man cumming in your mouth.

” I am going to cum!” as he utters those steamy words, you pull your self into action mode, already having enjoyed him licking all your pussy and pleasuring your body all night. Now he wants to show his love by pouring it on to your lips and into your mouth. So as you open your mouth think of his cum as if it was tickling down the folds of your pussy lips and take his whole dick into your mouth kissing it as it goes in so gently. Sucking his dick back and forth as he delivers his hot load into your mouth. As soon as it starts to fill up your jaws….go ahead and swallow slowly. There is no reason to really taste it just swallow and keep sucking till its all gone. As you suck all the love out of his dick, kiss and suck till he is ready to pass out.

 Now that wasn’t so bad was it?

Lets see some other ladies try it ……….

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