Confession 82

I used to be scared to ride on a dick until I met this guy who was much bigger than me. He was more nervous than me so I got on top mounting over his huge belly and pushed his thick cock into my pussy. I didn’t look at him at first and then I felt his eyes looking for mine so I stared deeply into his as I hugged his cock rotating my hips. His fingertips pulsated over my nipples as I grinded my pussy lips all over his cock. Feeling more confident I hugged it tighter like a suction cup never letting go. He moaned as I moved in circles then up and down like my pussy was sucking his cock. Then we became like one rhythm and he had me turn around with my ass facing him. I bounced my pretty ass on his thick cock and he held me tight as he exploded on to my cheeks then he hugged me to sleep with his hand firmly on my pussy.

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