short stories

Last Skype Call

“Do you hear me?” I said before a long pause from my lips drew him in. “Yes darling I hear you as always, “he said. Every day we spend countless hours becoming a part of each other’s dreams and looping our fantasies before saying goodnight. For years it has been that way seven years to be exact and with each day we still find out something new about each other. In our kinkiest moments our exploration would take off not only in a virtual way but a real one. From pictures to webcam we became like one soul who never touched by fingertip. Our longing and commitment has led to this one special day on July 2, 2017.  “I have to go, plane is leaving soon, “he said as we stared into each other’s eyes smiling. “Where are you going again?” He looked at me again then said, “America” I hung up from Skype thinking about his long travel from Egypt and I started to wonder what I would say to him once in person.

While he was up on the air, I was preparing myself for his arrival.  I put on my favorite shirt dress, earrings and this ring that’s special to us. I went to the airport and thought about what if there is nothing between us and the seven years had been a waste. I quickly erased that from my mind when I see an older couple walking past holding hands looking so in love. I knew we would be like that one day and I continued with my happy thoughts. Lost in my own fantasy I didn’t realize that his plane had landed a half our ago. Then I looked around quickly to scan the crowed for his face but nothing I seen could touch his smile. Until I heard a voice in the distance calling my name. Instantly our eyes met and he began to smile widely like a teenager. Face to face, he wrapped me in his arms and held me tight whispering lovingly in my ear that he is so happy. However, I quickly unwrapped from his arms and pulled back a bit. “That’s not what I was expecting from you, “I said staring into his eyes. He looked around and grabbed me by the hand and said, “Let’s go home.”

Upon arriving at our house, I seen his eyes widen upon realizing how beautiful our home was. He looked at me with gratitude about our investment into the house. As I led him into the house, he wondered why it was so quiet and I reminded him the kids were out of town with my mom. He traced around the couch and then walked up to me by the door. Looking at me, he slowly went down on one knee and gently took the ring he gave me years ago off my finger.  A small box opened within his hands and he said, “These are not diamonds yet they are ones and zeros who need each other to be complete.” The ring went on my finger and soft kisses went up my leg. His kisses melted into my skin as my nipples appeared before my shirt. Kissing up to my thighs he parted them some and buried his head at the cusp of my lips and sucked the juice as I stood grabbing his head. As my quivering pussy lips recovered he laid me down on the couch and opened the top part of my dress. My nipples became part of his lips as he devoured each one in a hurry. Flicking his tongue all over them his dick became hard against my wet pussy. His hands played like piano keys fingering my hot wet lips as my chocolate tits kept poking in and out his mouth. Sweet kisses down my neck and his skin against mine, we began to move as one as our bodies took each other in. His dick teased my clit by rubbing against it up and down then poking inside once in a while. Quickly I turned over as his dick pierced through my anal while he fingered my juicy pussy. As he rubbed into my ultimate desire I began to moan passionately as I grinded onto his dick. Swelled up into my anal his dick delved into so many pleasure spots that I began to cum on his hard dick and then he told me, “Don’t worry about me, Daddy is home for good.”


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