short stories


“Go ahead and jump,” as he motioned for me to make a move. “I can’t jump and you know this I’m scared, ” as my legs started to tremble. Why did he want me to jump and doesn’t he realize that all will be lost if I fail. I moved closer, but took a step back as fear seeped in. “Look, we don’t have all night, jump!” his voice pierced through my body and I started to cry a little. I didn’t want to do this because I had never done it before. Why doesn’t he understand how hard this is for me. “Ariel, fucking jump!” his eyes focused sharply on me and he gestured me to move closer with his two fingers. I closed my eyes and pressed the tears away tightly. As I heard his voice again I opened my eyes slightly and jumped. “See baby not so bad, feel all of this hard dick deep inside you,” he moaned as I bounced up and down on his dick as he guided me. His dick tickled my inside as I rode up and down squeezing his dick inside my wet pussy. He smacked my ass hard and said,”The next time I say jump, do it because you want it.”


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