Honey yet Wild: Confession 2

As my chubby thighs rub while I walk, men stare at me as I pout an imaginary kiss to their lips. I am a woman of dresses because I am always open to opportunity like Josh from the 3rd floor of my job. That day Josh came up to me smiling then said, “sexy dress, I love red on you.” He always gives me compliments but usually I shrug them off with a smile and then go on about my day. However I felt different this time and looked into his baby blue eyes and winked at him. Feeling butterflies in my tummy for what I just did, I quickly went to the restroom to figure out what I would do next. Every time I would see him my temperature would rise and my nipples would perk up like hot coffee so ready. As I stood there in the stall trying to figure out what I would say next, I heard footsteps enter into the restroom. Each step made my  heart race as each stall door opened then shut as if someone is looking for something. Against the stall wall I became frozen and then the stall door opened. A wide open smile shined into my face as I smiled back at him. His fragrance wrapped my body tight and held me hostage in his arms. My red dress gravitated towards his hard cock. Big hands caressed the curve of my cheek and down my thigh. My black panties fell to the floor as he held me against the wall.  Would anybody hear us? I kept thinking as his fingers partied my wet lips and massaged my clit. I felt above life itself when he picked me up and slide his cock into my juicy lips. Each thrust into me made me want more of him. Two chocolate breasts busted from the top of my dress and he began to lick each one as fucked me harder. In the moment I wanted to moan his name but he stopped me with a kiss. His lips swelled up into mine making a wet mess as my pussy massaged his heavy cock. In and out my pussy, I knew he didn’t want to stop but his phone started to ring. As his final thrust burst through my walls, his creamy presence became part of me. A soft kiss ended our moment and he kneel down then brought my panties up to my thighs while rubbing my pussy one more time. The thought that this would never happen again crossed my mind but he put that thought to bed when he whispered in my ear, “Come home with me tonight.”

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