Livia's Office · [mf]

Deep Proposal


“Charla, please come to my office.” Slowly Charla walks over to the door of her boss and peeps her head in with a look of worry then says, “Yes sir?”

“Come in and close the door,” he watches as she walks in while softly closing the metal door.

“Please have a seat,” he says as she makes her way over to his desk and comfortably pushes her butt into the chair.

Adjusting mildly, she pulls on her skirt to keep it from rising. “I brought you in here because I have been getting some complaints about you.”

In shock by his claims, Charla begins to ask, “from who?”

“It’s not important, but I have been getting complaints against you and now I have to do something about it.”

Her boss takes a sharp glance across the room then stands up from the desk in a crisp dark Italian suit. Standing as if there is art to admire, he quickly stares into her eyes with a look of shame as one dark curl falls above his brow. “Charla, you have been working here for a while, and I am starting to notice something is wrong with you,” her boss says as he moves closer to the chair.

Suddenly he places a hand to her chin then aligns their eyes. Smiling he quickly turns away then walks back behind the desk.  Giving her, a stern look he becomes smitten with her beauty as he explains the problem. “Charla, you do realize we have a dress code in this office?” looking at her with a high brow, as he sits on his desk looking down at the skirt. Staring at her with his piercing blue eyes, he began to further explain the situation while waiting for an answer. “Yes sir, I am so sorry I will go home and change my clothes,” she says as her body language changes slumping into the chair. “Well Charla, no reason to go home but you are too big to wear those short skirts,” he says walking around the desk to see her reaction.  Charla continues to sit numb while rubbing her hands into each other, then a tear starts to fall from her eyes. “Charla, I sit in my office then you pass in front of my window, and I think hmm does she know how bad this is?” “Well sir I am…” she starts explaining and then he gets even closer moving away from the desk.

Glancing at her closely while assessing the red skirt he places a finger by her knee. “See Charla a skirt should go beyond the knee to meet the dress code,” he implies as his finger trails up her knee.” Charla when you walk by I see your thick juicy thighs rubbing against each other and I wonder how warm it is in between there. “Sitting in shock by his comment, she feels a finger wipe away a tear as she sat wondering what all this meant. Smiling at her, he places both hands into hers rubbing them to put her at ease. “You know Charla in those moments I just follow the curves of your body as you walk past and sometimes I would even see you smile my way.” Charla began to straighten up in the chair losing herself in his words. “Your thighs send me into a trance and then the roundness of your breast makes me want to get closer.” Sitting with her legs slightly apart, he looks down and separates them with his hands. “I hope you are so wet right now Charla, I have been thinking about you all day,” he says as his hands move under the skirt, feeling her lace panties.

“Oh Charla, it’s against the rules to be this wet I should fix your problem,” while his fingers rub her clit making her recline in the chair.

Moaning softly, she says, “Yes sir, I am sorry I broke the rules.”

“Unbutton your blouse Charla; I want to taste this mountain of pleasure,” he says as the Italian jacket comes off.

“Stand up and let me see all of you baby,” as he gazes while watching her take off the blouse.

As she undresses two big bouncy chocolate breasts with dark chocolate nipples embrace his face. Placing two hands on her round tits he devours them in lust as his tongue fights to lick them both. Moving his tongue in circles, he makes sure not an ounce of pleasure is forgotten. Charla moans with excitement as her long black hair, tousles to the back. Her eyes close, and he begins to pull down his pants then picks her up like a courageous beast assigning her onto the desk. “Charla, I been wanting to taste this pussy for so long and finally it’s all mine.” Parting her pussy lips, he wets his fingers and inserts them inside her. Fingering her pussy in and out his cock starts to push through his boxers while he pulls them down. Thrusting his face into her pussy, he feels his cock grow hard. As he tickles her clit with his tongue, he moans while tasting her sweet pussy.

“Oh Charla, you made me hard I have to punish this sweet wet pussy.” He then pulls her to the edge of the desk pushing his cock into her juicy house of pleasure. He moans, taking his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

“Oh yea, Charla I want this pussy forever and for the rest of my life,” as he pushes his wet cock in out of her pussy lips.

Her warm pussy wraps his cock tight as he achieves the ultimate climax inside her. “Charla, I want you forever and to be mine always,” remembering something special, he momentarily stops and reaches down into his pants pocket then pulls out a diamond ring. Charla in shock, hugs him sweetly then he carries her off to their bedroom.

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