short stories

Alone Maybe

I found out last week that someone had been watching me in my apartment. Each time I would step out the shower and wrap into a towel, he was watching. I found out because, the camera he hid by my vanity mirror became unhinged and fell onto the counter top. My first instinct was to call the police because of this invasion of privacy but instead, I smiled then placed the camera right back into position. The next day, I hopped out of bed and walked over to my vanity mirror so he could see me. I stood there still for just a moment and then I began to pinch my nipples softly. They became so hard, that I decided to soften them by licking my finger and gently tapping on the tip. “I wonder which part he likes best my front or my back?” as I began to search for more questions in my mind, I turned slowly so he could see my backside. Rubbing down my ass, I took both my hands and spread my ass wide while feeling so inviting. I think if he was here I would just let him slide in and out until I burst. Thinking of him, I began to rub my finger on the back of my pussy lips while bent over slightly. Like a fresh orange, my pussy was wet and willing to take it all in. As I rubbed those tender lips, my pussy started to ache with excitement. I could feel this thunder building between my lips as I rubbed faster and faster. If he was here how bad would he make me cum? Standing up now, I went over to my chair and sat at the crown with my legs wide open. My pussy was pulsing like never before because I knew he was watching. Massaging my breasts as I rotated on the crown of my chair, I parted my wet pussy lips and rubbed my finger in between. “Is he stroking his cock for me?” thinking seemly as I felt the wetness from my pussy. My finger going up and down against my clit as I rotate and moan with pleasure. As my pussy lips throbbed uncontrollably, there was a knock at the door. Jumping off the chair quickly, I said, “I’m coming” as I raced to the door. Opening the door there stood a tall man, with black wavy hair, green eyes and a smile that made my pussy lips tingle. “Hi, I came here to fix the knob in your um bathroom, ” he said. Fixed on his eyes, I stared at him gleaming with excitement. “Oh yea, come right in”, I said softly forgetting that I didn’t grab my robe and I was standing in front of him totally naked. “Ms. um I think…”, as he paused I realized I was naked and ran to my room to grab my robe. He came in looked around a little and went back to the bathroom to fix the knob. As I stood there watching over him, he took a glance and proceed to ask me some questions. “Has this sink always been like this, broken all the time?” he said. “Well um no, it just happened the other day, thought I would need it fixed, ” I said. His muscles embraced every breathe I took as I stared endlessly into his physique. He then proceeded to tell me that my room was just as beautiful as me. I smiled like a teenager, wrapping myself into his warm compliments. Then I asked him what he does besides fixing knobs all day. That’s when he said, “I do photography on the side” and as I heard those words, I began to bite my lip softly. Then he said to me that, I would look good in some of his photos. As he tightened the grip on the knob, I felt my pussy throb all over again as I imaged him pushing his dick in out of my wet pussy. “It’s all fixed”, he said as he returned his tool back to his box. “You know you should aim the camera a little lower, and click on the zoom so not a spot is missed as I lick that pussy”, he said with his face directly in front of mine. His breathe upon my lips made them tremble and hungry for a kiss. As his finger began to trail down my body, I felt him began to untie my robe and my straps fell against my thighs. He looked so hungry for me, that I began to close my eyes as his hands went down and took hold of my pussy. His fingers playing like piano keys all in my pussy lips, I began to moan softly. Then suddenly he stopped, and said “fix the camera so you can always see me doing this to you.” He grabbed the straps of my robe and tied them back into place, grabbed his tools and walked out the door. It was him, watching me this whole time and the next day I adjusted the camera.


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