That Year

Every year I go to my brothers to celebrate his birthday up in the Hampton’s. The ride is nice for me and allows me to get away for a while. I usually spend the whole weekend there, just kicking back and  drinking with my bro talking shit. However this year is different because he finally got a girlfriend named Sandra. Up until now I had never met her but he told me she was perfect for him. On the outside I was happy for him but I knew that this would put a kink into his birthday celebrations that we have by the boat yard. On Friday, I drove through the night and finally reached his house which had a vineyard that he took care of himself. My brother is smart,  witty and more of an international type than any of us in the family. He told me awhile back that he met Sandra at a party which is typical for him. But something is different, I can tell my brother is a little more serious about this girl, Sandra.

After I arrived, my brother Richard greeted me at the door then he gave me a big hug with a warm country smile. Surprisingly the kitchen door opened and a woman walked out to greet me also. I stood for a moment in shock, because the woman was black. “Richard, can I talk to you in private for a second?” My brother led me outside to the porch, where I voiced my concerns. “Whats up bro, she is awesome right?” as he tried to reassure me with facial gestures. “Well she is black and kind of fat,” as I looked at him with concern. His facial expression, turned to anger quickly,”She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, understand?” as he quickly gave me his back. I stood there for a moment feeling bad for what I said but I felt strange about my brother dating some black fat woman. I didn’t want to cause a fight, so I quickly apologized and gave him a hug. Then he invited me back in the house because Sandra was done cooking. I sat at the table looking at her, wondering what my brother was thinking by dating a black woman. “Charlie, would you like some more salad?” she said as her finger tips moved the bowl closer to me. “Um no thanks I’m good, kind of full now,” as I pushed back the bowl and began to exit from the room. “Hey bro, I have to go into work in the morning but Sandra will show you the new set up for the party not at the boat yard,” as he stood from the table looking at me. I looked back at him, smiled then went up to my room for the night.

Later that night I woke up sweating as if I had ran a whole mile. In a sleepy daze I grabbed my t shirt and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get some water. I poured a cold glass of water and stood there for a moment, loving the crisp taste against my lips. Then I heard, a slight knocking noise coming from the den off to the side of the house. Looking around, I picked up a knife just in case it was some kind of intruder trying to enter the house. The door was half open and I adjusted my eyes to focus more clearly into the room. It was Sandra, in some red lace panties and a bra looking at my brother as he sat in a chair. I quickly turned and started my way back through the kitchen but then I stopped at the stairs frozen. Thinking about how bad it would be to spy on him, quickly I changed my mind and peeked back inside the door. Sandra was now bent over the desk, sliding down her red panties over her big legs. Instantly I felt my temperature rise and my heart started to pump faster as I watched. Thoughts and feelings ran through my mind and I kept wanting to turn back. As I zeroed in on what they were doing I noticed her smooth chocolate skin and thick thighs. She stood slightly bent over with her legs spread apart while the lace panties dropped to the floor. The red panties got caught onto her black heels, but she bent over at a better angle then threw them to the side. She grabbed both of her ass cheeks and spread them apart exposing this strawberry anal. Instantly I felt warm all over as she jiggled her cheeks for my brother. Even though a audience of one, I felt like she was putting on a show just for me. Each cheek would glide against the next as she turned around with passion in her eyes. No not a tease but a journey into who she is and I welcomed every second of it. She dipped down a little bit then swirled her hips, pulling down her bra then rubbing her dark nipple. I began to sweat again as I watched her fingers go in circle on that one nipple. My brother was sitting in the chair with his dick out, motioning her to come closer. Sandra moved slow like a pussy cat, drawing one leg behind the other smiling at him. But then she stopped suddenly, and I thought she felt me watching her so I got scared and wanted to run. However, she went back to the desk spread open her thick thighs and showed him that strawberry wet pussy. I could tell her pussy was juicy wet as her clit protruded a little.  My dick got so hard as I watched her play with her pussy teasing my brother. As my dick throbbed I stroked it watching her play with that fleshy pussy. Intrigued my brother rose from his chair and put his face deep into her pussy lips. He licked it so deep, that I wanted to take a turn so I could get a taste. I kept moving up and down my shaft faster as my brother placed his dick deep inside her making the desk shake as he fucked her pussy. As I stood there stroking so long,  I forgot that I had a glass of water in my hand, and some of it spilled to floor making a splash. They stopped for a second, looking at the door but I had already ran up stairs standing at the top listening to her moan sweetly. I went back to my room, wanting to fuck her so bad and just wanting to lick inside that strawberry pussy.

The next morning we had breakfast before my brother went to work. Sandra, fixed eggs, pancakes, bacon, and some fresh fruit. She had on a white short dress, with her hair down. Her light brown eyes looked at me intensely, then she asked me did I want some fresh strawberries with my breakfast. I smiled and said, “Yes, please I love juicy strawberries.”

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