short stories

Lick My Anal – [anal]

Every time I meet him, he glares and stares with a smile so bad. I always ask him what is he looking at and he says, “that big round thing that keeps following you.” Usually I just smile and say, “you’re silly.” However this time he was standing so close while we were outside. In a hurry he gently grabbed my hand and led me to a grassy passage full of red flowers. I said, “where are we going or what are we doing?” Then he put a finger quickly to my lips and walked me over to this blanket that lay softly among the grass. His eyes met mine and then he gently caressed my breasts  then pinching my nipples until I moaned in his ear. As my head tilted back he kissed gently down my neck with his hand still rubbing and fondling my hard nipple. “Mmm, I love your chocolate nipples.” he said as his lips slowly parted and began to press gently on my nipple. As I stood, I could feel his dick hard as it rubbed against my skirt. His hard dick, made me want him so badly and before I could close my eyes to savior the moment he quickly turned me around. My back melted quickly into his body as he held me tightly against him “Mmm this big round ass, I love it. ” Bending me over, he pulled down my black lace panties while running his finger between my ass cheeks. A surreal high came over him and he began to moan uncontrollably, as he moved in closer to breathe in the fragrance of my ass. “I never seen an ass like this and a grapefruit this juicy”, he said as his tongue slide down the crack of my ass, tasting all of me. Feeling all of his pleasure, I felt his invitation as his tongue began to gently massage my pussy from behind. Moaning as I rubbed my nipples I could feel the heat of his mouth feather my ass so gently. His tongue moving in and out of my anal made me so ready and willing to do anything. As his tongue searched through my treasure I began to………



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