Apple Juice – BBW Sex Story

He called me at 1 am then asked if I was naked which made me pause and then say, “mm no Hun.” I didn’t say no because I am mean either. I said no because If I said yes, he would drive over in his Mercedes fully naked then knocking at my door. Every Friday we play the same cat and mouse game because he likes it. However, tonight I have other plans with someone else named Tony. I met him at a grocery store, we were both reaching for a bag of apples at the same time. His smile shined like a spotlight and instantly I was taken far away from the moment. “I’m so sorry didn’t know you were grabbing for the same bag,” as he pulled back his hand to let me have the bag. I smiled, then bit the corner of my lip while walking away. I didn’t have to look back, because I knew he was standing there so confused. I always leave them like that wondering and thinking what did all this mean? I wait a few days and return to the store, to grab another bag of apples. I scanned the area slightly looking for my apple grabber. His chiseled face, curly black hair and grey eyes were scarce at the scene. Taking an apple out the bag, I bite into it walking to my car. The juice from the apple escaped and caressed the corner of my lip as I walked. In mid-stride, I felt the urge to stop as his presence alerted all my senses instantly.

I took a step, and he took a step then I stopped suddenly with him towering over me. Then I turned around, “Are you trying to make me a victim? “looking at him as I bite into my apple again. His flesh toned lips parted, “No I am trying to make you a possibility,” he softly whispered. I looked at him intensely as more juice flowed from my lips. Without warning he grabbed my chin and pushed his tongue into the apple juice coming from my lips. Smiling at me as he pulled back, “I simply hate wasting something so precious. “I put my apple to his lips, so he could take a bite, because I don’t mind sharing. His bite was slow and sexy, then juice started to run from his lips, “Aren’t you going to catch that baby? “as I started to turn away. “No but you can catch me,” jumping into his arms he picked me up and pushed me against the car. Each kiss down my neck was so precious and inviting, I felt like there is nothing I wouldn’t do with him. He ripped open my blouse, breathing on to my nipples as if he knew how hot they were. He sucked each one as if he was devoted to them for life.

As my needs overcame destiny, I see one man in the parking lot staring at us. He is an older guy, and I put my finger up to motion him to come closer. Suddenly I felt Tony’s fingers in and out my pussy as his thumb rubbed against my clit. The old guy starts rubbing the front of his pants, as he watches Tony put his hard cock deep inside me. My body slams against the car with each thrust of his dick. My apple falls out of Tony’s hand and rolls on the ground. The old guy picks it up and starts to eat it as he pulls his cock out. I kiss on Tony’s ear, “Sexy, this old guy wants to eat my pussy, will you let him? “Tony then sits flat on the car and tells me to sit on him. He pushes his hard cock deep into my anal slowly and I motion of the old man to come closer. His cock is so hard, and I tell him to get some of this apple juice pussy. Happily, he puts his tongue deep into my pussy lips as Tony moves me up and down on his cock firmly. The old guy rubs his cock as he wets my pussy with his long tongue. As I tilt my head back in pure ecstasy Tony lets me have control and he starts playing with my nipples. Up and down on his dick, the old man keeps rubbing his hard-long cock faster and faster. Licking all into my pussy walls, “Lick my apple juice old man,” he licks faster and starts to moan uncontrollably. Then I motion for him to come over to my mouth, so I can taste that young cock of his. His cock goes in and out my mouth then Tony starts to moan watching me suck the old man’s dick. His pelvis moves back and forth as my mouth becomes a place of punishment. He fucks my mouth in and out till he squirts that young lava all inside my happy mouth. Feeling satisfied he quickly looks around and walks away. Tony throws me onto the hood of the car flat on my back and then he hovers over me with his huge dick. His sword goes in and out my mouth as he bobs up and down. Each time his cock enters my mouth, I get excited for his cum. He dips his cock slowly and then suddenly he holds it there loading my mouth up with his huge load of cum. We finish quickly, and he takes an apple from my bag then gets in his car. I could call my other guy back tonight since its Friday but I have plans to get some apples from the grocery store tonight.

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