short stories

A Real Night In

The other day, I was soaking in a hot bubble bath, laid back listening to some music. Before the bubbles disappeared, I took my rose colored sponge and poured some of my favorite Victoria Secret’s and massaged into the palm of my hand. Gently rubbing down my neck and in between my breasts, I began to slowly trail a circle of bubbles around my nipples. I have always loved bubble baths with vanilla candles as I listen to music. As I gently moved the sponge over my nipples they became much harder. Soon my sponge disappeared into the water and I began to take the tip of my finger and rub against my hard nipple. The circle trail seem to disappear as I massaged my hard nipples laying back into my bath pillow, closing my eyes. I was in deep thought as my fingers took a trip to the deepest curves of my lips. Feeling the soft edge, they began to throb as if they needed something so bad. “Honey you home?” my husbands voice became clear as he moved closed to the bathroom door, but I was lost on his actual words as my pussy began to tingle so badly. “Oh there you are, ” he said widening the door so he can get a peak. I looked at him and smiled, then he grinned as if I had blew a thousand kisses into his lips. Without warning he knelt down beside the tub and drew a heart among the bubbles in the water. Still smiling, he leaned in closer to lay a soft kiss on my neck. “Wow you smell so good, ” he said and then proceeded to tell me how he could eat me all night. Smiling back at him, “Eat me” , I said. His fingers trailed my thigh up to my pelvis and he seen that I was smooth just the way he likes it. Rubbing his fingers on my slit, I began to moan with my lips sealed trying not to burst. He looked at me and nodded, with a no because he knew I wasn’t ready yet. As I searched his eyes for passion, he grabbed my leg and took out the tub. Not sure of what he was doing, I began to melt into his wants and desires. Kissing down my thigh, I could feel his beard tickle every part of my leg making me want him even more. He stopped, abruptly and grabbed my other leg , dressing them with soft kisses. He then took both his hands and went under my butt then pushed his face into my pussy lips. My hands sliding against the tub wall as I held on like it was my protector. His tongue peered deep into my pussy walls sucking all the juice I had in them. He looked up at me, with eyes glazed with a blue beauty that I never seen before. As he sucked at my love, his thumb began to rub the top of my clit, making me squirm so bad. My whole body filled with a ray of light as I began to succumb to his desire. My body went into a deep love and he seen that I needed more care, he stopped for a moment then grabbed a towel. Slowly he picked me up into his arms with grace and placed me into the towel. “I love you”, he said and placed me on the bed then shut the door.

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