A Good Girl

Looking at an old picture on her nightstand, Clara could hardly believe how much she had grown over the years. She is 19 years old now but she feels so incomplete. Her first dance never happened nor a kiss from a boy. In the afternoon she would sit on the porch reading romantic novels wishing she was one of the characters. “Clara, come to the table I fixed you some dinner, “her mom yelled from downstairs. “I’m not hungry today, just put it in the fridge, “Clara would echo back to her mom. Clara wasn’t anorexic she loved to eat, well maybe too much at times. She laid the picture down back on her nightstand and threw herself to the bed buried in white pillows. Every day she did the same routine, after coming home from work. She had a small job at an ice cream shop where she made only 9.00 an hour. She wouldn’t have to work for too much longer because she got accepted to her local college where she will be studying digital art. Lifting her head from the pillow, she decided to get up and put on a skirt with her favorite unicorn shirt. She put her hair into a ponytail and ran down the stairs to exit the door. “Where you going? No dinner?” her mom said as she smiled and flew out the door. She walked down the block and turned the corner to the local bookstore. Clara loved to read new novels by her favorite authors. “Hey Clara!” said the bookstore clerk as Clara entered the door. “Do you have the new one by E.L James?” she asked as she ran her fingers across the pages of a book sitting on the counter by the clerk. “Yea, I have it it’s over there on the table behind the shelf,” said the clerk as she turned back around to help a customer. She arrived at the table and sat down to read some of the book. The title was “The Want”, sitting there intrigued by the cover art, she began to read some of the book. So immersed into what she was reading she lost track of time and noticed that the bookstore was about to close. As she rose from the table with the book, she bumped into a tall man with light eyes and olive skin. “Excuse me, didn’t mean to run into you miss,” he said as she looked at him intensely. “Oh um its okay, I was probably in the way with my big body,” frozen in her words, she put her head down and quickly handed the book back to the clerk. “Hey Clara! Didn’t you want this book?” silent as she walked quickly out the door, he stood there a gaze wondering about her.

When Clara got home, all she could think about was his eyes and how intense he looked at her. She thought, maybe he liked her too. Then as she removed her skirt, she stood over by the tall mirror staring at her body. Clara stood 5’5 with chubby thighs, big breasts, and more levels of fat around her belly than a hippo. She always felt that boys never liked her and would never want to kiss her with chubby pink lips. That night she went to sleep easy dreaming of him and wishing that he would notice her again.

In the morning, Clara awoke sharply got dressed and headed out the door. She left her hair down and wore her favorite blue skirt with rainbow tank top. Totally forgetting about the man she stopped by the bookstore to get her book again. “Hey Clara! Are you ok?” said the clerk as she entered the store. “Yea, I am ok was a little sick last night,” as she reached for the book from the clerk. “Hi I am Daniel,” a deep voice whispered as she started to pay for the book. Staring up at him like a tall mountain, Clara looked back down at her purse and said, “Hi.” “The book you are reading is really good I enjoyed it a lot,” as he looked down into her eyes. Clara, turned and looked up at him dropping her book to the floor. He slowly bent down and picked it up and placed it in her hand. He got closer to her, “Would you like to have some coffee with me now?” as he stood waiting for a response from her. No words escaped her mouth just a slight nod and he opened the door for her.

They arrived at the coffee shop, and he told her to have a seat. Clara sat at the first table, nervous and constantly rubbing her knees. She looked around and the staff was leaving, as if they knew to who he was. “Daniel, I think this place is closing, I know of another one, “she said as she pressed her cheeks into the seat firmly. He went behind the counter and started to make coffee and then went to the door and locked it. “Oh, this is my coffee shop, I been running it for a couple of months now,” as he went back to pour them two cups of coffee. Clara sat there wondering how old he was, because he looked young to be an owner of a coffee shop. He had on a black polo shirt and jeans with razor cut gothic black hair. He sat down quickly and stared at her with intensity. “Is everything okay? “She says as he looks down under the table for a sec. “Yes, everything is very good at the moment,” he said glaring at her. Her hands folded into her lap, she began to wonder was this a good idea to walk off with a stranger. Then suddenly he says, “are you a good girl?” as he gazed at her breasts. “Depends on what is a good girl,” looking at him smiling. “Well a good girl, is someone that never been touched but wants to be,” as he unbuttoned his shirt. She didn’t know if he was reading her mind from last night or what but she felt a little an unease. Looking at him, she wanted to get up and run away however part of her wanted to be kissed so badly. He quickly grabbed the bottom legs of her chair and slid her closer to him. “Do you want me?” as he began to unbutton her shirt. Again with no words she nodded to him in agreement. He breathed softly on to her neck, and went to her lips sucking each part. Clara began to melt into her chair, as a burst of stars filled her body. He leaned in closer, pressing his thumb to her nipple. Her body reacted with a pulse that went through him. “Yea, I love a young breast so tender like this,” as his mouth encircled her nipple firmly.


He moved to his knees, and got down in between her legs. “Good girls like you loved to be fucked baby,” as he inserted two fingers inside her warm lips. As her pussy collapsed around his fingers she moaned loudly. “I know you want me to fuck you baby, but this is lesson 1 first,” he said as the two fingers went in and out her wet pussy. He then takes down his jeans and tells her to open her mouth wide. “Good girls suck dick real good baby,” as he entered her mouth pushing his huge dick in. Slowly going in and out she takes it all with her wet juices covering his dick. He starts fucking her mouth while grabbing her head firmly. “Yea, that’s a good girl push that fat dick in your mouth,” she began to move faster swallowing his dick as juices run down the side of her mouth. Her nipples raises he massages them into his fingertips as she sucks his dick faster. “Mm yea such a good fucking girl!” as he yelled out in pleasure as she rotated his dick in her mouth. He put his hands around the base of his dick and kept rubbing it all on her lips then back into her mouth. She had never felt pleasure like this and started to rub her wet clit. “Hey dad, I got a good girl here, come out here!” he says as an older man entered the room. “Damn Daniel, she big and juicy,” as he knelt down and separated her fat pussy lips and began to lick inside. Her body jerked as she began to throb through her pussy walls. “Mm this some juicy ass pussy Daniel,” as he kept licking inside her spreading her legs apart. “Yea dad, she a fucking good girl,” as he kept pushing his dick further into the back of her mouth. Clara looks up at him and says, “My dad used to say I was a good girl too.

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